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S.No. Catalogue Document Name
1Health"Reading Material for ASHA Book-no-3: Family Planning, RTI/STIs & HIV/AIDS and ARSH"
2Health"Reading Material for ASHA Book-no-4 : National Health Programmes, AYUSH & Management of Minor Ailments"
3HealthA Preliminary Report of the Committee on the Reform of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956
4HealthA Stratergic Approach to Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health
5HealthA Study on Hygiene Practices among Women and Children in Rural and Urban Areas of Assam A Report National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development Regional Centre, Jawaharnagar, Khanapara, Guwahati –
6HealthA Study onEffectiveness of Panchayati Raj Institutions in Health Care System in the State of Kerala
7HealthA strategic approach to (RMNCH+A) in india
8HealthASHA & ANM Booklet on Safe Abortion - Information Brochure
9HealthASHA - Which way forward an Evaluation of ASHA Programme
10HealthAdolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in India
11HealthAge-specific prevalence of antibodies to Hepatitis-A viruses in Pune, India, 1982 and 1992
12HealthAn Analysis of Levels and Trends in Maternal Health and Maternal Mortality Ratio
13HealthAn epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic-fever and dengue shock syndrome in and around Vellore.
14HealthAndaman and Nicobar State Fact Sheet DLHS 3 - 2007-08
15HealthAndhra Pradesh: DLHS 2012-13
16HealthAnganwadi Banner On National Deworming Day(NDD) in Hindi
17HealthAnganwadi Banner on National Deworming Day(NDD) English
18HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Assam
19HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Bihar.CV01
20HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Chhattisgarh
21HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Jharkhand
22HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Madhya Pradesh.CV01
23HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Odisha.CV01
24HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Rajasthan
25HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Uttar Pradesh.CV01
26HealthAnnual Health Survey 2010-11 Fact Sheet Uttarakhand
27HealthAnnual Report 2004 05
28HealthAnnual report on Health Plan & Policy 2004
29HealthAnte Natal Care - Hindi
30HealthAnte Natal Check Up - English
31HealthAntimicrobial peptides: premises and promises
32HealthApplication for CGHS Card
33HealthArunachal Pradesh DLHS 2012-13
34HealthAsha Which Way Forward? Evaluation of ASHA Programme
35HealthAssess and Classify the Young Infant upto 2 - months of age - Chart
36HealthAssess and Classify the Young child age 2 - months upto 5 years Chart
37HealthBal Swach Mission - English
38HealthBal Swach Mission - Hindi
39HealthBhranti Aur Kranti - A fun way to learn about Adolescent Health (English)
40HealthBhranti Aur Kranti - Cards (English)
41HealthBhranti Aur Kranti - Cards (Hindi)
42HealthBhranti Aur Kranti - Khel Khel Mien Kishore Swasthya ka Parichey (Hindi)
43HealthBirth Preparedness - English
44HealthBirth Preparedness - Hindi
45HealthBurden of Malaria in India: Retrospective and prospective view
46HealthCare During Pregnancy - English
47HealthCare During Pregnancy - Hindi
48HealthCare during Menstruation - calendar English
49HealthCare during Menstruation - calendar Hindi
50HealthCare of New Born - English
51HealthChild Death Review Operational Guidelines
52HealthCommon Childhood Illnesses
53HealthCommunity handbill brief on National Deworming Day in English
54HealthCommunity handbill brief on National Deworming Day in Hindi
55HealthComparative quantitative structure activity relationship studies on anti-HIV drugs.
56HealthCounsel the mother - chart for follow up care - Chart
57HealthCyber Gram
58HealthDanger Signs during Pregnancy - English
59HealthDanger Signs in New Born - English
60HealthDanger Signs in New Born - Hindi
61HealthDangers Signs during Pregnancy - Hindi
62HealthDengue vector prevalence and virus infection in a rural area in south India
63HealthDistrict Level Household and Facility Survey 2007-­08 Fact sheet India
64HealthEk Kahani ghar Ghar Ki - Flip Book
65HealthEnviromental surveillance system to tract wild poliovirus transmission
66HealthEvaluation Study of National Rural Health Mission in 7 States
67HealthEvaluation Study on Family Planning Programme
68HealthEvaluation Study on NRHM in Seven States
69HealthEvaluation of Family Planning Programme- Report of Assesment Teams and the Paper of Consultants
70HealthEvaluation study on functioning of Primary Health Centres
71HealthExperimental non-o group-1 vibrio-cholerae gastroenteritis in humans
73HealthFacilitator Guide-Facility based care of Severe Acute Malnutrition
74HealthFacility Based New Born Care - Neonatal Resuscitation Module
75HealthFacility Based New Born Care - Training Module for Doctors and Nurses
76HealthFacility Based New Born Care -Operational Guidelines for FBNC Training
77HealthFacility based Newborn Care - Operational Guidelines
78HealthFacility based Newbron Care - Facilitator Guidebook
79HealthFamily Planning Programme in India an Evaluation Study
80HealthFamily Planning in Maharashtra - an evaluation study
81HealthFamily Planning in Punjab - an evaluation study
82HealthFamily Support During Pregnancy - English
83HealthFamily Support During Pregnancy - Hindi
84HealthFamily Welfare Statistics in India - 2006
85HealthFighting malaria in India
86HealthFunctioning of Community Health Centres
87HealthGoa DLHS 2012-13
88HealthGuide Book for Trainers aimed at Facilitating key field level functionaries at School/District/Block Level (School Teachers/ ASHA/AWW/Sahyoginis) for Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation
89HealthGuidelines for Department of Family Welfare supported NGO Scheme
90HealthGuidelines for Enhancing Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices
91HealthGuidelines for Monthly Village Health & Nutrition Day
92HealthGuidelines for Multi Purpose Health Worker - Male
93HealthHEALTHY STATES PROGRESSIVE INDIA Report on the Ranks of States and Union Territories NITI Aayog, 2019
94HealthHaryana DLHS 2012-13
95HealthHealthy Children Healthy India
96HealthHigh Level Expert Group Report on Universal Health Coverage for India
97HealthHighlights from the reports of the Regional Evaluation Teams During 2013-14
98HealthHimachal Pradesh DLHS 2012-13
99HealthHoardings on Safe Motherhood
100HealthHome Based New Born Care - Operational Guidelines (English)
101HealthHome based New Born Care Guidelines - Hindi
102HealthHygiene for Good Health - 8 Questions
103HealthIFA during Pregnancy and TT Vaccine - Hindi
104HealthIMNCI - Physician Chart Booklet
105HealthImplementation Guide on RCH II ARSH Strategy
106HealthImprovement in Knowledge and Practisces of Adolescent Girls Regarding Reproductive Health with Special Emphasis on Hygiene during Menstruation
107HealthIndia NFHS 2: Key Findings
108HealthIndia New Born Action Plan
109HealthIndia New Born Action Plan
110HealthIndia Vision 2020
111HealthInjection Vitamin K Prophylaxis - Operational Guidelines 2014
112HealthInnovative Ways to Manage SAM in Children Less than Six Months of Age - Madhya Pradesh
113HealthIntegrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness -Assess and classify the sick child age 2 Months to 5 yrs
114HealthIntegrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness -Counsel the Mother
115HealthIntegrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness -Identify Treatment for the Sick Child
116HealthIntergrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness - Assess and classify the sick infant age upto 2 yrs
117HealthIntergrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness - Handbook
118HealthIntergrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness - Identify Treatment for the Young Child
119HealthIntergrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness - Identify Treatment for the Young Child and counsel the mother
120HealthIntergrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness - Introduction
121HealthIsolation of Chikungunya virus from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes collected in the town of awat, Pune District, Maharashtra State, India
122HealthKangaroo Mother Care and Optimal Feeding of Low Birth Weight Infants - Operational Guidelines
123HealthKarnataka DLHS 2012-13
124HealthKerala DLHS 2012-13
125HealthLeaflet on Safe Abortion
126HealthMAA Standee - Rural
127HealthMAA Standee - Urban
128HealthMaharashtra DLHS 2012-13
129HealthMahavari ke Dauran Swachta - Flip Book Hindi
130HealthManipur DLHS 2012-13
131HealthMaternal Mortality Rate 2011-13
132HealthMaternal mortality inquiry in a rural-community of north India
133HealthMeghalaya DLHS 2012-13
134HealthMenstrual Hygiene - Reading Material for ASHA
135HealthMenstrual hygiene - Flip Book English
136HealthMizoram DLHS 2012-13
137HealthMobilizing for Action on Violence against Women - A Handbook for ASHA: English
138HealthMobilizing for Action on Violence against Women - A Handbook for ASHA: Hindi
139HealthMorbidity Health Care and the Condition of the Aged 68th Round 2011-12
141HealthNFHS - 2: Andhra Pradesh Summary and Finding
142HealthNFHS - 2: Arunachal Pradesh Summary and Finding
143HealthNFHS - 2: Assam Summary and Finding
144HealthNFHS - 2: Bihar Summary and Finding
145HealthNFHS - 2: Chhattisgarh Summary and Finding
146HealthNFHS - 2: Delhi Summary and Finding
147HealthNFHS - 2: Goa Summary and Finding
148HealthNFHS - 2: Gujarat Summary and Finding
149HealthNFHS - 2: Haryana Summary and Finding
150HealthNFHS - 2: Himachal Pradesh Summary and Finding
151HealthNFHS - 2: Jammu and Kashmir Summary and Finding
152HealthNFHS - 2: Jharkhand Summary and Finding
153HealthNFHS - 2: Karnataka Summary and Finding
154HealthNFHS - 2: Kerala Summary and Finding
155HealthNFHS - 2: Maharashtra Summary and Finding
156HealthNFHS - 2: Odisha Summary and Finding
157HealthNFHS - 2: Punjab Summary and Finding
158HealthNFHS - 2: Rajasthan Summary and Finding
159HealthNFHS - 2: Sikkim Summary and Finding
160HealthNFHS - 2: Tamil Nadu Summary and Finding
161HealthNFHS - 2: Uttar Pradesh Summary and Finding
162HealthNFHS - 2: West Bengal Summary and Finding
163HealthNFHS 2: National Fact Sheet
164HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Andaman & Nicobar
165HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Assam
166HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Bihar
167HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Chandigarh
168HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Chhattisagarh
169HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Dadra & Nagar Haveli
170HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Daman & Diu
171HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Goa
172HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Gujarat
173HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Haryana
174HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Karnataka
175HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Madhya Pradesh
176HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Maharashtra
177HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Manipur
178HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Meghalaya
179HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Odisha
180HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Puducherry
181HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Punjab
182HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Rajasthan
183HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Sikkim
184HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Tamil Nadu
185HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Telangana
186HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Tripura
187HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet Uttarakhand
188HealthNFHS 4 State Fact sheet West Bengal
189HealthNFHS 4 State FactSheet Andhra Pradesh
190HealthNRHM Newsletter- December 2006
191HealthNRHM Newsletter- March - April 2010
192HealthNRHM Newsletter- March - April 2013
193HealthNRHM Newsletter- March - June 2008
194HealthNRHM Newsletter- November - December 2011
195HealthNRHM Newsletter-November- February 2008
196HealthNagaland: DLHS 2012-13
197HealthNational Guidelines For Implementation of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART): Draft-2004
198HealthNational Health Accounts Guidelines for India
199HealthNational Health Accounts for India
200HealthNational Health Policy 2002
201HealthNational Population Policy 2000
202HealthNational Training Strategy for In Service Training under National Rural Health Mission
203HealthNational Vaccine Policy Book 2011
204HealthNew Strategies for the elimination of polio from India
205HealthOperational Guide Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination in India
206HealthOperational Guidelines - Promotion of Menstrual Hygiene among Adolescent Girls
207HealthOperational Guidelines for Facility based Management of IMNCI
208HealthOperational Guidelines for Weekly IFA Supplementation Programme for School Based Adolescents
209HealthOrder of 2012 for CHS by MHFW
210HealthPerformance On Health Outcomes
211HealthPerformance of Health Outcomes
212HealthPersistence of dengue-3 virus through transovarial transmission passage in successive generation of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.
213HealthPolymerase chain-reaction for detection of the Cholera enterotoxin operon of vibrio-cholerae
214HealthPost Natal Care of Mothers - English
215HealthPost Natal Care of Mothers- Hindi
216HealthPosters on Safe Motherhood
217HealthPress Release -Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Prevention
218HealthProtective efficacy of a monovalent oral type 1 poliovirus vaccine: a case-control study
219HealthPunjab DLHS 2012-13
220HealthRMNCH+A STRATEGY-2013
221HealthRashtriya Bal Suraksha Karyakram(RBSK)
222HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Facilitators Guide (Training Manual for Adolescent Health Counsellors) - English
223HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Facilitators Guide (Training Manual for Adolesecent Health Counsellors) - Hindi
224HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Peer Educator Activity Book (A set of Life Skill Based Activities)
225HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Peer Educator Activity Book (A set of Life Skill Based Activities)- (Hindi)
226HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Peer educator Reference Book FAQs (Hindi)
227HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Peer educator Refrence Book FAQs
228HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Resource Book, training mannual for counsellors
229HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Training Guide for ANMs & LHVs to provide Adolescent Friendly Services
230HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Training module for ANMs & LHVs
231HealthRashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram -Training Manual for Peer Educators
232HealthRashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram - Operational Framework 2014
233HealthRashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram - Strategy handbook
234HealthRe-emerging of Malaria in India
235HealthReaching the Unreached: Brochure for ASHA
236HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-1
237HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-2: Maternal and Child Health
238HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-5
239HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-5
240HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-6 : Simple Skills that Save Lives
241HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-6 : Simple Skills that Save Lives
242HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-7 : Skills that Save Lives
243HealthReading Material for ASHA Book-no-7 : Skills that Save Lives
244HealthReport of the Working Group on National Health Mission - 12th FYP
245HealthReport of the Working Group on National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) for the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017)
246HealthReport on the Causes of Death in India 2001-2003
247HealthResource Document on Newbron and Neonatal Care of Children
248HealthRevised Home based New Born Care Operational Guidelines
249HealthRural Health Statistics
250HealthRural Health Statistics 2013-14
251HealthSAMPLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM - SRS for the year 2007
252HealthSAMPLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM - SRS for the year 2008
253HealthSAMPLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM - SRS for the year 2009
254HealthSAMPLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM - SRS for the year 2010
255HealthSAMPLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM - SRS for the year 2011
256HealthSAMPLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM - SRS for the year 2012
257HealthSAMPLE REGISTRATION SYSTEM - SRS for the year 2013
258HealthSafe Abortion from Unwanted Pregnancy - Kalyani Poster
259HealthSchool Banner on National Deworming Day in English
260HealthSikkim DLHS 2012-13
261HealthSnakes and Ladder game on Safe Motherhood
262HealthSocio Cultural barriers in the adoprtion of safe reproductive and child health practices - A study in the Tribal block of Uttrakhand
263HealthSpread of HIV infection in Married Monogamous Women in India.
264HealthState Report Andhra Pradesh DLHS 2007-08
265HealthState report Bihar DLHS 2007-08
266HealthState report Chhattisgarh DLHS 2007-08
267HealthState report Goa DLHS 2007-08
268HealthState report Haryana DLHS 2007-08
269HealthState report Arunachal Pradesh DLHS 2007-08
270HealthState report Gujarat DLHS 2007-08
271HealthStudies on Adolescent Girls - An Analytical Review
272HealthStudies on the Plasmodium vivax relapse pattern in Delhi, India
273HealthSwachta Rakhien Accha Swasthya Payien - 8 Prashan
274HealthT-cell accumulation and regulated on activation, normal T cell expressed and secreted Upregulation in adipose tissue in obesity
276HealthTamil Nadu DLHS 2012-13
277HealthTeachers Guide for IMNCI Training of Students
278HealthTechnical Handbook of Anaemia in Adolescent
279HealthTelangana DLHS 2012-13
280HealthTenth Five Year Plan - Family Welfare
281HealthTenth Five Year Plan Health
282HealthThe Socio - Economic Determinants behind IMR and MMR study
283HealthTobacco Control Act 2004
284HealthTraining Module for ASHA on Menstrual Hygiene
285HealthTransfer of norethisterone (net) and levonoregestrel (Ing) from a single tablet into the infants circulation through the mothers milk
286HealthTreat a Child - Chart
287HealthTreat the Young Infant and Counsel the Mother - Chart
288HealthTribal Health Expert Committee Report
289HealthTripura DLHS 2012-13
290HealthUse of Zinc as an alternate therapy in the Treatment of Diarrhoea
291HealthVitamin A and IFA supplementation
292HealthWall Painting on Safe Motherhood
293HealthWest Bengal DLHS 2012-13
294HealthZinc Supplementation in young children with acute diarrhoea in India
295Healthashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakaram - Resource Book, training manual for counsellors- Hindi