S.No. Catalogue Document Name
1Nutrition"Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTS "
3NutritionA study of Impact of IFA along with Vitamin C on the Haemoglobin Status of Adolescent girls in an ICDS Block
4NutritionAddressing India's Nutrition Challenges, 2010
5NutritionAnnual requirement of food grains under Sabla for the Year 2014-2015
6NutritionApproval of IGMSY - CMB Scheme 2010
7NutritionApproval of Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls - SABLA 2010
8NutritionBack Drop Banner - Breastfeeding
9NutritionCalendar Good Nutrition: Foundation of Healthy Life
10NutritionCalendar Promote Nutrition of Women & Children and Accelerate the Pace of National Development
11NutritionCommon Breast Feeding Problems - English
12NutritionCommon Breast feeding problems - Hindi
13NutritionComplementary feeding practices
14NutritionConsume Green Leafy Vegetables daily and increase your vitality
15NutritionConsume Plenty of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables for Vitality - English
16NutritionConsume Plenty of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables for Vitality -Hindi
17NutritionCorporate Brochures
18NutritionDO Letter for Celebration of World breastfeeding Week-2014
19NutritionDietary Diversification - English
20NutritionDietary Diversification - Hindi
21NutritionDietary Tips for Better Health - English
22NutritionDietary Tips for Better Health - Hindi
23NutritionEarly Initiation of Breast Feeding - English
24NutritionEarly Initiation of Breast Feeding - Hindi
25NutritionEffect of fenugreek seeds on blood-glucose and serum-lipids in type-I diabetes
26NutritionEmpowering the Adolescent Girls-Sabla, 2012
27NutritionEnergy-balance in lactating undernourished Indian women
28NutritionEvaluation Study on Role of Public Distribution System in Shaping Household and Nutritional Security
29NutritionFAQ on Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS).
30NutritionFSSAI Brochure -Food Safety - a priority
31NutritionFathers role in Breast feeding - English
32NutritionFathers role in Breast feeding -Hindi
33NutritionFlip Chart English - Infant and Young Child Feeding
34NutritionFlip chart Hindi - Infant & Young Child Feeding
35NutritionFood Import Clearance Process
36NutritionFood Safety and Hygiene for Supplementary Nutrition - English
37NutritionFood Safety and Hygiene for Supplementary Nutrition - Hindi
38NutritionFood Safety at Home
39NutritionFood Safety for Children
40NutritionHIV & Infant Feeding Counselling Tool -2005
41NutritionIGMSY -CMB Scheme
42NutritionImplementation Guidelines of IGMSY - CMB Scheme 2011
43NutritionIndian Food Composition Tables
44NutritionInformation tool for Asha workers
45NutritionIntegrated Nutrition Education Handbook
46NutritionIodine Deficiency - English
47NutritionIodine Deficiency Disorders - Hindi
48NutritionIron Deficiency Anaemia - English
49NutritionIron Deficiency Anaemia -Hindi
50NutritionIron Folic Acid revised guidelines - 2007
51NutritionLetter by Sec MWCD for Breastfeeding Week Celebration-2014
52NutritionLetter for celebration of National Nutrition Week -2015
53NutritionLetter on Mandatory use of Double Fortified Salt
54NutritionLeucine and pellagra
55NutritionLicensing for Food Business Operators
56NutritionManual of Food Safety Management System, FSS Act, 2006 (Dated : 03-01-2013).
57NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Milk and Milk Products
58NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Mycotoxins
59NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Cereal and Cereal Products.
60NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Food Additives
61NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: General Guidelines on Sampling
62NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Metals
63NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Oils and Fats
64NutritionManual of Methods of Analysis of Foods: Spices and Condiments
65NutritionManual on Catering Facilitator Guide for essentials of Food Hygiene - II & III (English)
66NutritionManual on Catering Staff Facilitator Guide for essentials of Food Hygiene - II (English)
67NutritionManual on Catering Supervisors Facilitator Guide for essentials of Food Hygiene - II (English)
68NutritionManual on Essential of Food Hygiene - I (English)
69NutritionManual on Essential of Food Hygiene - I (Hindi)
70NutritionManual on Facilitator Guide for essentials of Food Hygiene - I (English)
71NutritionManual on Manufacturing Facilitator Guide for essentials of Food Hygiene - II & III (English)
72NutritionManual on Manufacturing Supervisors Facilitator Guide for essentials of Food Hygiene - II (English)
73NutritionManual on Retail Facilitator Guide for essentials of Food Hygiene - II & III (English)
74NutritionMid-Day Meal - Rules under the National Food Security act
75NutritionMission 2007 - A nutrition Secure India
76NutritionMobile Food & Nutrition Extension Units
77NutritionNFHS-3, Nutrition statistics, India 2005-06
78NutritionNational Food Security Act, 2013
79NutritionNational Food security Mission (12th Five Year Plan)
80NutritionNational Nutrition Policy-1993
81NutritionNational Plan of Action on Nutrition - 1995
82NutritionNutrition Education &Training through Community Food & Nutrition Extension (CFNEUs)
83NutritionNutrition Poster
84NutritionNutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation - English
85NutritionNutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation - Hindi
86NutritionNutrition for the Family - English
87NutritionNutrition for the Family - Hindi
88NutritionNutrition in India: Facts and Interpretations
89NutritionNutritional status of the pregnant women in the socio economic areas of Kamrup District: Research Report
90NutritionNutritous recipes for Complementary Feeding of Infants and Young Children - English
91NutritionOffice Order- Revision in the Cost norms for Supplementary Nutrition (SN)
92NutritionOne Day sensitization module - Infant & Young Child Feeding
93NutritionOperational Guidelines- Programme for Promotion of Breastfeeding
94NutritionOrder dated 06th May 2016 regarding Validity Period of FSSAI Notified NABL Accredited Food Testing Laboratories [S.O. 917 (E) dated 01.04.2015] for the purposes of carrying out Analysis of Samples Taken under Section 47 of the Food Safety and Standard Act
95NutritionOvercoming the Curse of Malnutrition in India: A Leadership Agenda for Action
96NutritionPerceived Adequacy of Food Consumption in Indian Households 2004-2005
97NutritionPilot Project on SAFE FOOD TASTY FOOD Safe Food Scheme
98NutritionPrevention of Malnutrition - English
99NutritionPrevention of Malnutrition - Hindi
100NutritionProject Clean Street Food
101NutritionProvide Nutrition Education - Training in Homescale preservation of fruits and vegetables - hindi
102NutritionProvide Nutrition Education - Training in Homescale preservation of fruits and vegetables -English
103NutritionRegistration for Food Business Operators
104NutritionRelation of serial changes in childhood body-mass index to impaired glucose tolerance in young childhood
105NutritionReport of Working Group on Addressing Consumptions of Foods High in Fat, Salt and Sugar and Promotion of Healthy Snacks in Schools
106NutritionReport of the Currrent Evaluation of the Applied Nutrition Programme
107NutritionReport of the Steering Committee on Nutrition
108NutritionReport of the Working group on Nutrition
109NutritionRevised Nutrional Guidelines for SN 2009
110NutritionRevised Nutritional & Feeding Norms for Supplementary Nutrition in ICDS, 2009
111NutritionRural Standee- Promoting Breastfeeding
112NutritionSabla Module - 2011
113NutritionSabla Pamphlet
114NutritionScheme for associating Central / State Government Agencies, Consumers’ Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and other Institutions including Government Universities / Colleges working in the area of food safety for undertaking Information, Educat
115NutritionTable Calendar - Nutritional Anaemia
116NutritionThe Pink Book
117NutritionTrans fatty acids - Harmful Effects on Human Health
118NutritionTwelfth Five Year Plan Social Sectore Volume III, 2013
119NutritionUrban standee- Promoting Breastfeeding
120NutritionVatsalya Mela -2013 A Brief
121NutritionWorld Breastfeeding Trends Initiative -2012
122NutritionWorld Breastfeeding Trends Initiative -2015