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S.No. Catalogue Document Name
1Sanitation & HygieneA Handbook for Gram Panchayats
2Sanitation & HygieneA Journey of CHODAVARAM towards achieving Open Defecation free Status
3Sanitation & HygieneAjmer Best Practises - Toilets
4Sanitation & HygieneApproved Guidelines of Swachh Bharat Mission, 2014
5Sanitation & HygieneBal Swachhta Mission Booklet English 2015
6Sanitation & HygieneCompendium of Best Practices in Rural Sanitation in India(WSP)
7Sanitation & HygieneCompendium of Innovative Technologies
8Sanitation & HygieneDomestic filter West Bengal
9Sanitation & HygieneElementary Book on Drinking Water in Gram Panchayats
10Sanitation & HygieneEngaging Non-state Providers in Rural Water Supply Services
11Sanitation & HygieneEnhanced Quality of Life through Sustained Sanitation
12Sanitation & HygieneEvaluation Report of the Village Sanitation Scheme of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi in Maharastra
13Sanitation & HygieneEvaluation of Existing Capacities in WATSAN Sector
14Sanitation & HygieneFreedom From Open Defication, Role of Community 2014
15Sanitation & HygieneGuide on role of panchayati raj institutions for panchayat members for water and sanitation programmes in villages
16Sanitation & HygieneGuidelines of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan
17Sanitation & HygieneHandbook on Drinking Water Treatment Technologies
18Sanitation & HygieneHandbook on Scaling up Solid and Liquid Waste Management in Rural Areas
19Sanitation & HygieneHandbook on Technical Options for on-Site Sanitation
20Sanitation & HygieneIntegrated Women Sanitary Complex in Tamil Nadu
21Sanitation & HygieneKey Indicators of Drinking Water Sanitation Hygiene and Housing Condition in India- NSS 69th Round - 2012
22Sanitation & HygieneLaunch of Jalmani in Himachal Pradesh
23Sanitation & HygieneMDWS Ready Reconer - Booklet
24Sanitation & HygieneManual for implementation of sustainability schemes
25Sanitation & HygieneMenstrual Hygiene Management
26Sanitation & HygieneNational Rural Drinking Water Programme Guidelines
27Sanitation & HygieneNational Rural Drinking Water Programme, Guidelines, 2013
28Sanitation & HygieneNurturing Rural Sanitation Revolution in India, AFRICASAN 2008, Durban
29Sanitation & HygieneOrdinary Women as Users of Water
30Sanitation & HygienePanchayatien banayen swachh aur swasth gaon
31Sanitation & HygieneReport of the Steering Committee on Drinking Water and Sanitation
32Sanitation & HygieneReport of the Working Group on Rural Domestic Water & Sanitation
33Sanitation & HygieneReport on National sanitation campaign
34Sanitation & HygieneSBM Mission in Pali
35Sanitation & HygieneSBM(G) Campaigns Collectors Handbook
37Sanitation & HygieneSanitation & Hygiene, Advocacy and Communication Strategy Framework 2012-2017
38Sanitation & HygieneSource book on Solid & Liquid Waste Management in Rural Areas
39Sanitation & HygieneSuccess Story of a village
40Sanitation & HygieneSuccess story of Mawphanniew Village/GP, Meghalaya
41Sanitation & HygieneSustainable solutions: Recharging aquifers and solar pump
42Sanitation & HygieneSustaining the Sanitation Revolution India Country Paper
43Sanitation & HygieneTechnology Options For Household Saniation
44Sanitation & HygieneTenth Five Year Plan - Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
45Sanitation & HygieneTenth Five Year Plan Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
46Sanitation & HygieneToilets and More..(Ref. Manual)
47Sanitation & HygieneTotal Sanitation Campaign - Sanitation for All : 2012
48Sanitation & HygieneTowards drinking Water Security in India
49Sanitation & HygieneTransgender in sanitation campaign
50Sanitation & HygieneUrban Slums in India 2012